Continued Online Community Engagement

Control what you can

–    Brand – logo, identity
–    public website
–    opportunities for practice
–    best practices online

let go when you can
–    what is tied to your brand
–    where can you let go?
–    What needs to have a system wide project?

–    trust staff
–    give guidelines
–    provide opportunities to learn

–    honestly assess performance
–    find the right person for the job
–    accept that it will take time
–    accept that there will be mistakes
–    it is a learning experience

Communities have been around for years they do police themselves, think of book review on Amazon, some will be positive and some will be negative

Social media monitoring
Do we really need to talk about why again, everyone that matters is doing it
Customer service – when you get negative feed back go out and respond
Identify stakeholders

Google search
Discussion boards – niche communities

Not about the tools, its about the community using the tools
Cultivating a culture of learning
Learning is not a spectator sport
Libraries are not a spectator sport

Stewardship –
Helping people manage info exchange
Creating a space for innovation

Open circle concept, it’s the public’s library

People assume their experience is unique, that someone else will tell that story.

Movement strategy – make it relevant, be flexible to accommodate buy in
Provide incentives

Blend online and face to face, you benefit more

Put together a mission statement

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