Best of the Web

Best of the web
– Greasemonkey
– smart key words
– can use set up address bar to seach any site on the web
– customize google extension
– better gmail2 – takes ads off of gmail

google reader
–    helvetireader

  • book city jackets
  • wikimedia commons
  • flickr image search
  • pictobrowser
  • skitch – screenshots, then allows for annotation, can upload directly to flickr
  • jing – can do screenshots and screencasts
  • screentoaster
  • vimeo – look at the sign up process, even if you’re not going to use it, go through to look at sign up process, your libraries processes should be like this
  • postrank
  • today’smeet
  • when is good
  • letmegooglethatforyou
  • colorlovers
  • tagcrowd
  • wordle
  • qature – real time aggregation of whats happening on twitter
  • tweetdeck
  • vyew – free online web conferencing tool
  • bacolicious
  • wordpress theme called thematic very powerful
  • googlevoice – get a number from google, calls will be routed to phone, voicemails will get transcribed
  • googleforms
  • zohocreator
  • netnewswire – only for macs
  • prezi
  • 280slides
  • lovelycharts
  • typetester
  • evernote
  • zotero
  • hulu
  • toodledo
  • sendyouit
  • emic4all – records in mp3,  audacity to edit
  • – remote support
  • dropbox

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  1. Hi Bobbi,
    Cool list of “Best of the Web”. Our free web app might also be a tool that you’d like to consider checking out: Mikogo. This is an easy-to-use desktop sharing app you can use for remote support and online meetings. And it’s free.


    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team



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