Lightening Rounds

Lightening rounds – speakers get 5 minutes to show us something cool, useful, fun, helpful, interesting.  Ideas were put in a box when we arrived.

Libraryh3lp at K-state libraries –

  • used it to replace meebo chat widigets
  • can send attachments, can send chat history in an email
  • more than one operator – sometimes have 20 ppl signed on
  • IM stats have doubled since swtiching to Library H3lp
  • double or triple staff
  • staff on ref desk and in offices while working
  • student workers also log on and grab chat within 5 to 10 seconds then transfered to a librarian
  • can be transfered so to tech support or another relevant dept
  • can know all the ppl in your group that is logged on

Heidi Blackbird – Animoto

  • 30 sec videos – super easy, no editing
  • using it to promote upcoming events, or after the fact, can put on blog or youtube

Jenny – k state libraries – cool tools – LinkIt

  • automatically adds pre proxy to a link, you provide link to a resource, it provides the prepoxy link for you, great for instructors

Gloria –stumpleupon.comp

  • to browse or find new websites about topics you’re interested in.

Sharon Moreland – Jing

  • free version, – pd vs is 14.95 a year
  • screen capture
  • instructional videos
  • can record sound
  • Jason added – came make quick video, post to screencast and send video link to ppl on chat, (wow it must work fast!)

Julie –

  • great place to get ideas and find out what other librarie are doing

Erin – poll everywhere

  • ppl can resopnd via sms txt or web
  • results show live
  • allows for anonymous feedback during a presentation, no one has to speak up
  • can use multiple choice, free text

Goodreads – created a dummy account then friended the library staff, turned everything off except weekly updates, share info with all staff, not patrons, allows one email to go out with info about good books

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