If I made a commercial for Trader Joes

I found this video on Beth’s Blog and she links to Logic + Emotion which recommends some steps Trader Joes should take in response.  The video is mostly complimentary but points out some negatives too.  What if this video was about a library? What if it was about your library? How would you respond it?

I like this idea, I’d like to turn a patrons loose on the library with a flip to flim what they do and don’t like.  It would be much more powerful than a questionaire, instead of forcing them to recall what they do and don’t like, walking around recording would bring up a lot of issues that on-the-spot questioning would miss.

It makes me wish we had 5 or 10 Flips to hand out to patrons during National Library Week and say go record what you love about the library and what you’d like to see change and bring it back to me.  What would I see?  What would I learn?

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