I’m going to Malaysia!

I know I’ve shared this story with many of you in person, so forgive me if you’ve already heard it.

It seems like ages ago that I got invited to attend the International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society, but it was only in June that I got a Facebook message asking me if I would consider attending. Yes that’s right a Facebook message, about 90% of the communication, planning and details for this visit, were done though Facebook. It seems like I’ve been planning and preparing for it for ages. I know some of you wondered where I’ve been over the last month or so. But the time has finally come. I’ll leave next week! I’ll be presenting at the conference and giving a post conference workshop, but there will be time for sightseeing too!

Summer Storm over Kuala Lumpur, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.


  1. That is awesome! Have a great time and safe trip!


  2. Please remember me to Malaysia for all their Readers’ Advisory needs! 🙂 Have the most wonderful of times and bring us all a monkey.


  3. @ Lori – Thank you!

    @MarianLibrarian – I’ll drop your name for next year! Oh and I am SO excited about the monkeys. expect lots of monkey pictures!


  4. Bobbi, Good luck! Besides a good presentation, have a terrific time! Take lots of pictures, and don’t forget your Mini…


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