Ubiquitous computing and library future

IMG_8117Ubiquitous computing and library future

Michael Porter Libraryman

Chris Peters – maintainit – small part of TechSoup, new cookbook coming out soon,

definition a model of human computer interjection which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday object sand activities

when computing and info access happen when and where we need it, enabled by unobtrusive technology

Moores law

rfid an example of ubiquitous computing that exists in libraries

libraries = content + community

android – google phone operating system

there are already more cell phones in use than tvs

MP talks about all the new gadgets that are out there
irobot connector – visiting robot
chumby – I want a chumby
seattle public library has voip communicators
directv sat to go
slingbox – lets you watch tivo or other electronic devices on laptop frm anywhere with internet access

portability & ubicomp
bug – open source
phone pen
projector that fits in a cell phone


  • ubiquitous computing (ubicomp)
  • pervasive computing
  • ambient intelligence
  • internet of things

computers should become invisible and unobtrusive

baltimore wimax

cheep information processing
cheap memory and storage
wireless networking
interoperability and open standards
universal addressability – ie Ipv6
position awareness

spimes (space + time)

  • everyday objects have
  • location awareness
  • social awareness
  • time awareness (history)

rooms that adjust lighting temperature and music based on who you are

calm technology

  • a photo with a scene, when a new email comes in more people show up on the screen, each email msg equals a person
  • umbrella with weather alert handle, glows with a certain color depending on the % of change for rain
  • ambient orb changes colors based on stock market
  • wikipedia articles near you

printer that actually builds a 3D object based on what you sent, ex – watchband, gumby, doesn’t have to just be plastic can also be chocolate! (yum!)

application of this, old tech goes to 3rd world company, so replacement parts are no longer available, printer than can recreate its parts could be an option

biofeedback – can navigate a wheel chair based on biofeedback and facial expressions


library applications

  • biomapping of library – how people are feeling in different sections and areas of their library
  • location based reference
  • anticipatory reference
  • information reference
  • community manufacturing center


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