Twitter & how the “twittest” use it for keeping up

Michael Sauers and Christa Burns

cant explain you have to to do it, and you have to do it with friends to get the experience

post – tweet
methods – web, desktop client, bookmarklets, via email, via sms, blog to twitter (twitterfeed)
url past 140 character limit will usually convert to tiny url

twitterfeed – run rss to twitter account

@username if replaying
d username message – private message
nudge username
l: location informatin
follow username
leave username
block username
invite phonenumber

direct messages go to only you, other msgs are public,
can have a public or private account, private only ppl you approve can see it

can read your friends via your twitter homepage, also rss

ultra simple blogging
references questions
emergency services
presidential campaigning
website updates

marsphoenix lander is tweeting, a person is tweeting in first person for the lander
LA fire department has a feed

twitter search to track keywords

twitterference – so many sms to your phone you cant make a phone call
too distracting
if you don’t participate you wont get anything out of it

7 tips to being a good twittter –

  1. follow others
  2. @comment others
  3. link to your stuff
  4. don’t take non responses personally
  5. be patient
  6. avoid addiction
  7. use your name

Jezmyne Westcott & Cindi Trainor
choose a twitter name you are willing to be called in public
twitterati – your ppl on twitter, you can get help from them, often there is no one doing what you do where you work
tweetdeck – see your replies and tag cloud
friendfeed – aggrigaor for feeds other than twitter
flock – browser, use tabs and sidebars to show your twitter feed while your working, show media stream at the top of flickr tag

question – how do you meebo thru flock? Meebo plug in for firefox, may work in flock

do you have to ask permission to use twitter, answers – don’t ask don’t tell, its a useful social network tool, you can get answers and help

twitter is like ….. inspired by dave free and peter bromberg

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