Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha – 20 slides 20 seconds a piece on a single topic

Rebecca Jones – I didn’t get good notes, sorry 🙂

Stephen Abram – trendspotting
is television affecting our world, Kennedy vs Nixon debate, then Obama vs McCain, blinking
youtube video of Palin saying she can see Russia from porch
visual popular – twitter
Olympics yahoo trumps NBC
webkinz – when your stuffed animals have a social life online
club penguin – Disney kids on social crack,
soccer mom is average gamer
mainly mobile focus – phone not laptops, we’re old with our laptops in front of us

David Lee King
the librarian is the product
libraries have a lot of products magazines, books, databases, websites, search engines, reference we can answer your questions on the phone, at the desk, im, blog comments,
all this lets us show our personality, makes lib more human
what product should we be selling?
Books amazon does it better
info Google does it better
staff? Maybe we should be selling ourselves so the librarian is the product
we need to promote ourselves, our stuff is just stuff, the value added is the ppl

Nancy Dowd
Google answers the question we improve the question
what do we call the ppl who come in? members guests patrons customers – name them
be transparent in marketing
I will not longer support the silence of silos
I will support innovation – pic of Helene Blowers on screen
I will make demands on my vendors
I will make friends with my long tails
I will honor all choices of communication
I will embrace diversity
I will ACT green, no more just thinking green, why are you print brochures? Print on demand
I will find the ‘me’ in my library – pic of Michael Stephens on screen
I will measure the right stuff – measure according to your goal
I will market to voters – the ppl who support our libraries are not coming into our libraries but they want to know that we are transforming lives
I will tell stories so that when ppl think of transformation they will think of the library
multi media story about Sean

Greg Schwartz is going to make us vote for a favorite – looks like Nancy won

questions –
how do staff behind the scenes market themselves? Remind ppl what you are doing and why you’re doing it
you have to identify who your client is, if yo are behind the scenes you client is the front line

question about Nancy’s video – in new jersey they are teaching librarians to tell stories, simple it was voice over still photo

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