Learning 2.0 and 1.8 users bridging the gap – Rudy Leon & Colleen Harris

Learning 2.0 and 1.8 users bridging the gap

Rudy Leon & Colleen Harris

Myths of nexgen users

  • skilled online searchers

  • ease with new gadgets

  • always connected

  • effective multi-taskers

  • require constant simulation

  • must be entertained

  • learn by doing


they do use stuff but in a dummybox way, they don’t understand the info they are getting or who it works

we need to build a mental map for them

they don’t have transferable skills

only 62% of ppl have pc in the home

low income students have lower end machines in the classrom, they have share and they train them by drills

digital divide

  • 61.8% ownership of computers, African American is 45%, Hispanic is lower
  • fault lines
  • race
  • class / income
  • 83% 75k
  • 62% 25k-35k
  • 31% <15k

persistent effects

students start self censoring out of certain managers

students look at faculty for approval, not librarians

faculty only know the databases they use

they also believe they will figure it out given up enough time, this doesn’t work

Faculty are not highly trained in teaching,

how do we get professors to listen?

How we get the 1.8 learners up to the 2.0 level?

Get involved, get on comities


who much IT do you have, who do you get to help you implement ?

Kittens vs beer

strategies for engaging students/faculty


making equipment available

actionable assignments


tech isn’t the point, libraries are for learning

-is the tail wagging the dog? Lets get back to focusing on learning and stop focusing on the tech

what do students what? Cliffnotes, mtv and to buy their tests

what we need to do is create services to build skills, gadgets support learning, we decide what must be, space and structure for play, more skepticism

question – first year experience and rolling all lib skills into that, used to have 2 class sessions devoted to it, but now have a virtual tour, ipod touches that only freshman can check out, so freshman experience is a fun experience, they have to come back later for meat and potatoes do do assignments

what do they think about seperate credit information literacy classes for freshman? It would be great, because we can’t grade them now we don’t have the same fear/respect their professors get

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