Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – Helene Blowers

Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – helene blowers

how do you start making change happen?

What is innovation? Not just putting saran wrap around someone else’s idea

innovation is – acting on, doing new things

innovation is not about best practice, its about fresh practice

  • application
  • audience
  • desired outcomes
  • inspiration and inputs
  • energy & passion

how do you change org culture to allow innovation to happen? There is no set process

4 parts

  • creativity – ideas
  • strategy
  • implementation
  • profitability


idea business focus on quantity not quality

collect ideas

get outside your comfort zone

bounce your thoughts around


change agent

make it believable – idea generator trying to convince your admin, you need to make it believable

mvv = mission, vision, values

create alliances – make connections

don’t ask for permission ask for support, if your pitching a new idea don’t ask for support for it, as if it’s a good idea but you want someone else to do it, take it and run with it. Instead pitch your idea how you will make it happen, permission vs support

sell your vision personally – ppl don’t read 17 pg report, have a visual pitch, sell idea to management team, committee, put your energy behind pitch

find a champion, someone within org who shares your thinking

implementation – managing project resources time and scope

profitability –

innovation is messy

innovation is beta

innovation is risk

innovation is looking for new patterns

innovation is part of the learning process

7 habits of highly innovative ppl

  • persistence – it takes a lot of erosion to create a landslide of change
  • remove self-limiting inhibitions
  • take risks, make mistakes
  • escape & explore new angels
  • collect ideas & write things down
  • find patterns
  • stay curious – focus on out puts not the inputs of innovation

questions from audience:

Ideas about communicating to managers that they need to get out of the way – Helenes answer let them know you are willing to take on the risk of failure, know what is important to your management and administration and cater to that, innovation starts with you

audience answers – use the phrase “I want to start a pilot project”, not caring about who gets the credit

if you are a manger how do you not just get out of the way, but foster change?

Audience member – at her lib they are giong to start reemphasizing customer service, challenge is from librarians who have been there along time, not from managers

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