Designing the digital experience – David Lee King

experiences are a unique tangible offering

experience design – simply stated approach to creating successful experiences for ppl in any medium, american girl example in chicago,

3 different paths structure community and customer

structure improve websites easy of use, when customers can focus on own goals rather than how to navigate your site

website design – strategy – scope – structure – skeleton – surface

37 signals – getting real – free ebook


community path – focus on community rather than struction

memorable experience in relation to online and community

real conversations taking place – im, commenting, twitter, youtube myspace etc, goal to allow your customers to connect with you and others,

connecting with others – online connections lead to face to face connections later



sense of familiarity

telling our stories

community focus experience – twitter good example

customer path

commonalities ?

Pre vs post shows

ppl dont want to interact with the website they want to interact with other ppl

its about extending experience into digital space in a way that wasn’t possible before

customer journey mapping mapping out each touch point then trying to improve those touch points experience

improving the ordinary – wd40 improves by attaching the straw, so you don’t loose it

how can you improve the ordinary experience your customers have the website? When redesigning dont just look at library websites look at other industries websites, facebook amazon ebay, look at the sites your customers are using

what do we do with these paths?

Connect the customer – to organization, the product,

create an experience stage – rehearse new services before you start, do all your reference librarians know how to interact over the web?

Work on conversation – read emerging books on marketing, Ground Swell

change – we need to work on organizational change, if you

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