Latest & Greatest from Ebschost

This is my first session of the day, done by MOREnet where our Ebscohost is from

quick view – pop up window with abstract overview
gives narrow results by subject area option
narrow by publication
bread crumb trail easy to remove any term from the search with X button
full text check box
slider for date ranges
related images – get preview of first four
new to use back button from ebschost not the back button in the browser
newspaper via newsbank – can see things that are available thru morenets newsbank subscription
rss for searches we’ve made

my ebscohost folder – add to folder link under search results

  • myfolder holds items from that search session, so you need to sign into myebsco to keep items in your permanent folder so they don’t go away when you navigate away from the page
  • create an alert
  • can create folders within my ebscohost
  • can share articles with other users
  • rss feed for searches – can send to more than one email address
  • bookmark & share window popups a huge list of services including delicious, twitter, digg facebook etc

Cite this article – give citation for article already formated for APA, MLA, Chicago etc

can export in to bibliographic management software or just copy & paste

support site – –

  • help sheets, user guides, staff can use FAQ pages handouts in own training etc, handouts are usually one or two pages
  • has a section on recent upgrade & changes – ebscohost 2.0 help center

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