Tornados in Denver

I just happened to be in Parker Colorado (near Denver) yesterday when the Tornadoes touched down.  I was headed into a restaurant for dinner when we looked up and saw this.  There were no sirens and at first the people around us didn’t notice.

Tornado in Parker Colorado

I didn’t learn until later that it’s the most dangerous when it’s straight up and down. 

Tornado in Parker Colorado

I head conflicting reports of how close it actually was to where I was at.  The odd thing I didn’t notice until it was over was how still it was.  No wind.  Despite living in both Iowa and Missouri, this is the first time I’ve seen a tornado.  There were two tornados that touched down and luckily no one was hurt. 

Tornado in Parker Colorado

4 thoughts on “Tornados in Denver

  1. Living in Kansas, these videos hit close to home for me. You mentioned how still it was. I am certainly not a meteorologist, but I can tell you that every single time I’ve been close to a tornado, there is total “stillness”. An erie, freaky type stillness. So, as long as it stormy and still fairly windy outside, I don’t get too worried about tornadoes. It’s when the total stillness comes that I really start to get worried. And then when you hear the dull, low roar, train engine sound, (the unmistakable sound of the tornado), all I can say is you better be already in your shelter at that point!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Amazing pics!


  2. Jaime – Despite growing up in Iowa and living in Missouri now I’ve never seen or even been close to a tornado before. It was truly amazing. I’m very grateful no one was hurt I know they can be devastating.


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