How do you organize your FeedReader?


We’re covering feedreaders in the workshop today so I thought I’d ask, how do you organize your feed reader?  I recently made the switch from bloglines to GoogleReader.  I’m still  playing with the many tools it gives you. I’m a big fan of using folders or labels to organize and prioritize my feeds.  

The friends folder is pretty self-explanitory, any time something pops up in there I check it first.  The daily folder I don’t always read daily but it’s high priority feeds and I try to keep it to 10 feeds or less.   Day in the Life are the blogs that made it on the Day in the Life wiki.  I have several different folders for the feeds tracking my library.  I think I need to break out “Library stuff” into smaller groups though, any suggestions on more labels?  How do you organize your feeds?  How do you prioritize what gets read first? 

9 thoughts on “How do you organize your FeedReader?

  1. I categorize all of my feeds into both groups of feeds and folders. For each of the folders, I created a public page for the folders rss items. This makes each of these google reader folders act like a feed of feeds (just like FriendFeed) Thiis is a sample of my my library feed page.

    This approach seems to work for me, as I have my three main feeds, A “Daily Feed,” “Librarianship,” and “Technology Feeds” as standing bookmark buttons in my browser.


  2. For library feeds, I had the same problem of too many in one folder, so I have them grouped into folders for favorites, Georgia-related feeds (since I’m in GA), libtech stuff, vendors, humor, and general library news. I also have some grouped by library type, such as consortia, professional associations, academic libraries, public libraries, school media centers, etc. My job involves working with all types of libraries, so I like to keep up with all types (as much as I can anyway).

    I do have other folders for tech stuff, photography, and other subject areas that interest me. I also have an “A-favorites” folder that sorts to the top of my folder list and gets checked first every time.

    I’m not sure if this is the best system, but it fits my head and works for me so far. I reserve the right to change it at any time though. 🙂


  3. I need to reorganize my feeds too, but right now I have a folder for titled technology, Book reviews, training, marketing, JDL( the blogs by staff) all of those are work related. I also have folders titled Friends, Cooking and Crafts, and local news


  4. I used bloglines for “professional” feeds and googlereader for “personal” feeds. It’s a theory, but considering how blurry my personal and professional lives are those categories don’t hold up very well. I use folders within each. The folders grew organically, for lack of a better term, as my number of feeds increased. I think I need a more systematic approach.

    I’m considering using just 1 reader and reorganizing my folders, but that’s a project. Plus, using the 2 readers allows me the illusion of not being subscribed to as many feeds as I actually am.


  5. I should have added – I used to have all my feeds in bloglines when I made the switch I moved my professional ones to the bobbi.newman account I moved my personal ones into the gmail account I use for personal corresponded. I am still trying to keep the too a little separate.

    It helps me on the weekend when I’m relaxing at looking at personal feeds to not see something pop up in my professional ones.


  6. I’m on a reorganization kick too. Trying to pare down the ones I want to scan daily. Think I’ll try your idea of a WEEKLY folder too. I use often demo Google Reader in classes, so it ends up full of extra gunk which I forget to delete! Ok, maybe I’ll go clean RIGHT now! 🙂


  7. I did some weeding of the blogs in the “library stuff” folder and created a couple of new folders to help deal with the info. I also created a new folder to add the blogs of everyone who took the becoming2.0 class, so I’m not sure I ended with any less blogs to read but they are better organized now!


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