How I Became a Librarian

I guess turn about is fair play and since Tom so willing did my meme, I have to do his – How I got into this mess or How did you become a librarian?  🙂  I think not only is this story long, it’s kinda boring.  But here it goes, try to stay awake ok?  🙂

My first paying job at age 16 was a clerk at the local public library, a tiny l library, we had less than 10 staff members, one MLS librarian.  This meant I actually worked the reference desk every other weekend.  Eventually I moved on to a higher paying job so I could afford a car and other items a teenage girl must have.  I have worked a LOT of different places doing many different things, we’ll save that for another time.

Through most of high school I thought I wanted a degree in psychology, I even took classes at a local college, but when I got to college I decided it wasn’t for me.  I had a great History professor, so I decided on history. At first I thought I would teach High School, but luckily my program required a 1 credit practicum at the beginning and I quickly realized I did NOT want to teach teenagers.  Enter two more great History professors, the first being my adviser who encouraged me to continue my education after graduation, the second being a teacher who was willing to do independent study with me and help me get the experience I need for a Masters program.  Looking back this independent study was crazy I read a book of her selection every week and gave her a report on it.  A book a week! in addition to my other course work. and we’re not talking the latest John Grisham.  I did some other independent study in the Anthropology department where the area of my interest overlapped between History and Anthropology.  I took Spanish and became fluent.  I applied for Grad Schools.

Just one problem, there was a guy.  I ended up deferring my enrollment in Grad School to spend  year with him where he went to school.  We didn’t last six months.   About the time I was supposed to be heading to Oregon for school one of my friends said – why don’t you become a librarian.  Just like that.  I saw her earlier this year in England and I was giving her credit for my success and she laughed because she didn’t even remember saying it.

I applied at library schools and went to the University of Arizona. I had to write an essay for admissions so I wrote this really moving essay about how my dad inspired and encouraged me to read and question everything in my world.  Later when I told me parents about it my mom laughed.  She said I didn’t even like to read until the school did the Book It program.  So apparently my love of pizza got me started on the road to becoming a librarian.   Who knew? 😉

I went to Grad school with some amazing people.

Grad School Group

My first gig out of a school was at a corporate library, which was a great experience because I did everything.  And now I’m a Digital Services Library at a public librarian.

The End

6 thoughts on “How I Became a Librarian

  1. I really enjoyed this story, particularly because I have a history undergraduate degree (and I’m also a library grad student). Thank you for writing it!


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