Thursday Part 1- A Day in the Life of a Librarian

Thursday– Another late day.  In the morning I check all my email accounts from home, nothing major happening so I head to the gym.  I’m in the office at 12:30, first things first check my voicemail Message about needing stats on Computer classes for board meeting I find them and hand deliver.  I pop in my bosses office to talk about the Computer Classes are going and the stats for them.  I need to get started writing the final report for the grant that allowed us to get the laptops and have the classes. 

In the interested of full disclosure, unfortunately I became pretty ill last Thursday and had to leave work.  I’m going to document my day today as replacement and I’ll publish it late tonight.  Sorry for the delay!

I took these notes last Thursday as part of The Day in the Life project, if you’re interested in reading more or documenting your own day, please add your name to the wiki.

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