2.0 round 2

Anyone who knows Robin or me knows either one of us can easily talk your ear off about Web2.0, probably for a whole day, if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck wth us for that long. 🙂 But what about 4 days between the two of us? Well, we’re about to find out. We’ve been invited back to present for MoreNet and the Missouri State Library at Summer Institute. We did 2 half day sessions at Winter Institute in February for a total of 6 hours. This August we’ll be doing 4 days, for a total of 18 hours, 3 times as much. Can we do it? Without a doubt, but will my vocal cords hold up? I’m betting on it!  I’m really excited! It was great to be invited the first time, but gettting invited back is even better!

Robin’s been doing a series on her blog that includes most of what we cover, head over there and check it out if you’d like a better idea. 

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