Reviving the OPAC: an overview of catalog overlay software products

Reviving the OPAC: an overview of catalog overlay software products by Mary Aycock & Jee Davis University of Missouri-Columbia


  • Aquabrowser
  • Encore
  • Endeca
  • Primo

 Next gen catalogs

Catalog overlay

Catalog search overlay


From metadata sources

Authority control

 Possible facets:

·         Author

·         Format

·         Online resources

·         Topic

·         Pub date

·         Geographic region

·         Genre

·         Time period

·         Language

·         Series

·         Locatioan

·         New book

·         Availability

·         Source

·         Lc class #


Other expected features

  • Relevancy ranking
  • Spelling alternatives
  • Tag clouds
  • Rss feeds
  • Federated searching ability to contribute user generated content
  • Integration of vendor generated enriched content


  • Word discovery panel – visual cues with color
  • University of Chicago example


  • Works with development partners including Springfield Greene


  • McMaster University


  • Boston College
  • Emory University

 Similar products






worldCat Local


proprietary software vs open source

users needs?

What’s wrong with you current catalog?

How flexible is the product in choosing facets?

What are the features that the product offers

How/where are the data for the facets coming from?


Questions –

  • Where would overlay happen since we’re a consortium? 
  • Audience comment – Mobius looked at it, but it’s too expensive and changing too fast
  • Open source tools?  – excited about eXtensible  

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