Intro to Blogging for the Patrons

Several people have asked me to share the classes I’m creating for the Patrons.  I’m doing half of the series, a coworker is doing the other half, so you’ll only be seeing half the lessons.

The first one is Introduction to Blogging.  It’s geared towards, beginners, people don’t really know much about blogs or blogging.  I’ll cover some information about blogs then have them set up up if they like.  I’ve also put together a handout to accompany it. 

I’ll be teaching this next month so I’ll let you know how it goes. 

5 thoughts on “Intro to Blogging for the Patrons

  1. Thank you for sharing your Introduction to Blogging slides. I’m a library science student who recently started blogging. I am particularly interested in blogging ethics.


  2. I should have elaborated more in my original comment.

    As a new blogger myself, I am still testing the waters regarding what I should post. For example, if I wanted to write something negative about a family member, I would probably hesitate rather than post it (this is not to say that I have anything bad to say about anyone right now; I am just using an example).

    For me, it is better to actually talk to the person or at least use email than to blog about the issue and put it out there for the world to see for an infinite period of time (regardless of whether the person is aware of the blog’s existence.) Of course I could choose to delete the post but by then it’s already been exposed.



  3. I think a good rule for what you write on you blog is would you want your mom to read it, or in the case of work, your boss, or even your future boss.

    You’re right though, the web is developing so fast and we’re still learning how to deal with it and the “right” way to do things.


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