UKSG pt 1

I’ve arrived in Torquay, and it’s only day one of the conference but I’ve already seen a couple of things that are different from the US conferences I’ve attended that I’m impressed with, I’d love to see this practice at more conferences.

Included with the conference each day are a lunch and dinner. It’s a great opportunity to meet and talk with other people, which is one of the best parts of going to conferences. You can sit with someone different at every meal, hear different perspectives and exchange ideas with out the hassle of trying to meet people in your classes to meet up with later (especially nice if you’ve traveled alone and/or you don’t know loads of people), find a place with decent food and worry about how you’ll split the bill. Even better, the food is fabulous and wine is provided with dinner!

On a side note, it snowed the first 2 days here!

Torquay UK

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