Library Camp Kansas Overview

Let me say upfront that Library Camp Kansas was a huge success! Everything went off a without a hitch and so many great ideas were exchanged!

If you’re wondering where my notes are from Session 2, I didn’t take any, it happened over lunch and it wasn’t convenient to be eating and typing.

Registration was from 9-10, at 10 the Unconference officially kicked off. Brenda Hough opened about a story on NPR Marketplace about an unconference where 80 people signed up and only 4 showed up. Lib Camp KS had about 100 people sign up and it looked like we were all there!

Brenda talked about what would make the day a success

  • attendees
  • no keynote speaker
  • no expert
  • particpants need to be generous with experience, listening, asking questions
  • share!

A show of hands was taken to access which type of library we were from and there were attendees from all library types – Public, Special, Academic, School!

We agreed on a tag for blog posts, photos, video etc LibCampKS08.

Then it was time to decide the sessions. There would be three sessions during the day. People just shouted out what they wanted to talk about then that group was assigned a leader and room. This went so smoothly! Librarians are so civil!

Session One

  • Library as place
  • Library Instruction
  • Customer Service
  • Cheap & Free Options
  • Outreach & Marketing
  • Web 2.0
  • Tech Training

Session Two & Lunch

  • Web 2.0
  • Staff Training/Professional development
  • Programming
  • Creative Commons
  • Making Libraries Greener

Session Three

  • Library Catalogs
  • Future of Reference Services
  • Library as a Place
  • Mentoring programs
  • Outreach/Library Programs
  • Measuring the Success of your social networking
  • Gaming

Then we all split up to attend our sessions. At 2:30 we met back in the main room for a review of the day, to exchange our thoughts. I kinda slacked off on my note taking at this point so check out what others have written.

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