Lib Camp KS Session 3 – 2.0

My third session was Web 2.0, here are my notes.

Started with definition of Web2.0
user centered

How is 2.0 used in Academic?
Virginia Tech has a blog that is comment cards from patrons then response from Lib

Duke University Ipods?

“we’re at library camp Kansas, we’re all big freaks” – david Lee King (this is my favorite quote from the conference. Via la freaks! 😉 )

bitch magazine, jezebel blog

class for grad students on becoming internet famous

Web metrics about success of blog, page hits, length of visit, google page rank

come on this stuff has been around for 2 or 3 years how are we supposed to determine success, we don’t do anything successful with our other stats, like circ, people coming in and just going to the bathroom

How do you promote your blog? If you spends lots of time and resources making a blog you need to go OUT INTO the community to promote your library and your blog

Cluster Maps

Go out into the community and present on what you can do with the website.

content created by patrons for patrons

creating content for portals like igoogle and netvibes

how to stream line workflow? rss feed from blog to facebook, myspace, etc

how are people using them?
departments, recipes, username and passwords, identities – who is staff in second life, facebook

David Lee King was also in this session and took some great notes of this and his other sessions.

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