Congrats Movers & Shakers!

ljcover.jpgLibrary Journal’s list of Movers & Shakers is up. I grabbed this list (which includes names) from Jessamyn West’s page. All I did is add a link to the blogs if I could find one. Because we all need more blogs in our bloglines folders!😉

Thank you to Jessamyn for putting the names with the articles and congratulations to all the Movers and Shakers!

Please let me know if I missed a link! Now you’ve got a lot of reading to do, so I’ll let you get to it!


  1. so great, I added a link back to this post as well. Nice work!


  2. Nice. I’ll bet by tomorrow somebody has a version with age, height and weight.🙂

    Josh Ferraro has a blog at


  3. Thanks for the congratulations. Just wanted to mention that my blog is actually at


  4. Thanks for the congratulations! I have a blog at


  5. @Jessamyn – no thank you for matching the names with the articles that was the hard part!

    @ Tim – don’t forget hair and eye color and favorite beverage!😉

    @Daniel – apologies! I got the link from Library Journals site, I should have double checked it, I’ve updated it!

    @Alison – Sorry I missed you on the first go around, I’ve added you!

    @ everyone – congratulations again!


  6. I love that you’ve included links to blogs as well! Thanks for that!

    And congrats to all the movers and shakers!!!🙂

    -Talking Books Librarian


  7. Thanks for this improved arrangement. I wish LJ would have used the photo I gave them posing on the trunk of my car above my “MR INFO” vanity plate rather than the standard (boring) head shot…oh well, at least I can use it as the default on my MySpace page🙂 (


  8. That really is awesome – and you can add my blog too, if you like


  9. Thanks Bobbi🙂 In pure self-promotion mode (if not now, when), my main blog is Library Garden: CEBuzz is a blog I set up for the CLENE Round table (everyone go join, it’s only $20 I do a little writing there, but mostly just managing editor duties🙂

    Thanks again for the shout out! -pete


  10. jambina · ·

    awesomeness – thanks for this.
    i blog at and Library Student Journal blog is at cheers! amy buckland


  11. Claudia · ·

    Very handy. You are quite the organizer! I’m anxious to check-out some of these blogs.


  12. […] a comment » Last year I posted a list of Movers & Shakers with a link to their blogs, so I thought why not make it a tradition.  Below are the names linking to the LJ post about them […]


  13. Ing Kalchthaler · ·

    this is really awesome…i feel very humbled to be on a list like this…wow…
    I don’t have a blog but we do have a web show that we do…
    Thanks again!


  14. […] years ago I when I started putting together a list of the Movers & Shakers with links to their blogs and Twitter accounts, it […]



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