pandora.gifAs part of our Library Learning 2.1 program I wrote a post about Pandora, it went live to the staff yesterday and they are just loving it. Imagine my surprise when I see a comment from Lucia, a staff member at Pandora. How exciting! She left some great tips along with these comments:

It’s great to hear that librarians are loving Pandora! I myself left a library gig to work at Pandora.

I can see how headphones + pandora may be necessary in a library, at times, since you can’t exactly crank the speaker volume up to “10.”😉

Francesca: Feel free to tell Jim Scott to send us a CD, and we’ll take a listen. Any time you find we don’t have artists in our collection you think we should have, feel free to email suggest-music at pandora dot com.

What great customer service! They found us, answered some of our concerns, made suggestions and left some great tips!


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