Workshop Prep

The next couple of months will be a flurry of activity for me personally and professionally. First up personally, I’m moving, no new job, just leaving my house and moving into an apartment in a nearby time. I’ve been busying making phone calls, finding a place to live and packing. I had no idea I had so much “stuff”! 🙂

First up, professionally, I’m prepping for a 2 day work work shop that Robin and I are giving on Web 2.0 at Winter Institute. Robin and I co-present a bit differently than any other duo I’ve seen; instead of one of us presenting for the first half and the other for the second, we present together. We take turns on the slides and both contribute content to everything. It takes a bit more time, but I think it works great.

Presentation & Coffee

Our weekly meeting at a local coffee shop to work on the presentation

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