The Search for Prizes

creativestoneplus.jpgIn addition to writing “Things” for the LL2.1 program, I’m searching for prizes. Since the program is different this time I think we’ll be structuring the prizes so that for every 5 or 10 lessons completed they’ll get a small prize, with a larger prize at the end.

Smaller prizes will probably be fun things like desk toys candy, flash drive, etc. The nice thing about a small library is I know most of the staff so we can make sure they get something they’ll like or use.

I asked the staff for suggestions for the large prize last week, a couple of people suggested another MP3 player, and one a suggested a small digital camera. So far I haven’t found an affordable digital camera, but I’m leaning towards the Creative Stone Plus for the MP3 player. I’ve had really good experiences with Creative’s products and it will work with our Downloadable Audiobooks.

What do you think? Any suggestions or ideas?

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