Changes Abound

Since my position at the library is new and the idea of a digital services is still emerging and the idea of a digital librarian is evolving, there are a lot of changes. I just finished writing my job description last week and already my title has changed. With all the tasks, responsibilities, and initiatives my position involves it’s been bumped up to manager level. Since no one actually reports to me, I get the title of Digital Services Coordinator. My responsibilities don’t actually change other than they seem to constantly be growing and developing. Today I worked with vendors to pay bills, schedule training sessions and promotions for next year. Work on the Library’s Facebook page, had two long meetings, talked with people in Public Relations, Children’s, IT, and Reference. This week I have one-on-one meeting with two different staff members to wrap up questions from Learning 2.0. Then I’ll be writing Library Learning 2.1 lessons. Plus 20 other things that will pop up that I haven’t thought of yet! I can’t wait! If you’re interested in minute by minute updates follow me over at Twitter.

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