Back from Internet Librarian 2007

Wow I still don’t have all of my notes typed but, but I wanted to get moving so I’ll do those later. The great thing about this conference (other than the amazing people and Monterey) is all ideas I get to bring back. I have so many things I want to implement where to start, will we have the staff, the time and the resources?

Two things are on the top of my list and are already moving ahead

flickr.gifFirst is our Flickr account. I was able to get approval for a pro account just before I left for IL2007. In the next two weeks I’ll get pictures from the major events in 2006 and 2007 up. Then I’m hoping to have event pictures up within a week of the event. We have a lot of successful programs and we’re taken pictures, we need to get them out there where our patrons can see them!

Second is our library blog, I’ll be posting regularly about library news and events. I’m hoping some of the other staff will be interested in posting too. If I weren’t already excited enough about this look at the great comment we got! This is exactly the interaction and feedback we’re looking for!

The only libraries I have known before moving to Jefferson City have been big ones in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. My expectations were greatly exceeded upon getting my library card at MRRL. There can be no doubt that the librarians and other staff are invested in public access to books, learning, and culture. They consistantly go above and beyond the call of duty in their dedication to these goals. I did not expect arts and crafts sessions, and have been delighted to find them offered. Book clubs, the Capital Read, and day festivals are all engaging. The librarians deserve special commendation for providing lunch at book club meetings and refreshments at other public discussions!
There are times that I would love to attend an evening movie or book discussion or a weekend musical concert, but cannot. This is a complaint directed toward the City and Jefftran rather than to the library. If you would, though, when scheduling events, please consider that some of us rely on public transportation.
Many thanks for all the grand opportunities that you provide to the community!

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