Intergrating Libraries & Communities

hen.gifThis was a great presentation that started out with a look at Hennepin’s wonderful Bookspace, hop over and take a look at it, it’s impressive. Just some of the things that really stand out

  • pictures of patrons reading
  • blog
  • enews sign ups
  • main page index
  • Featured lists – created by librarians
  • What We’re Reading – created by staff
  • Reader’s Lists – patrons are creating these!
  • Genre pages
  • New titles list
  • Librarian tips and news

Who is doing all this work? There is a Bookspace Coordinator, a senior Libririan in Web Services, a bookspace worskshop and bookspace coordinators.

The interface for contribution is easy!

Staff are required to contribute content, it is part of their job, not volunteer.

Robin did a write up of this from her IT point of view and you can see the whole presentation here (scroll down).


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