Cranky? Boomers & Older Adults Are Greying the Internet

This was a really interesting session about the on-line communities for older adults and the services Libraries are providing to them. Most on-line communities are aimed at upper middle class women and it looks like they are missing their target audience they don’t seem to have an idea of who they are trying to reach

I need to check these out and add them to our links page.

Also what about a Wii tournament for Seniors? We’ve seen pictures of nursing homes or older adult communities doing it? Why not the Library? – Great idea I wonder if we’re allowed to take our Wii out of our Teen Space?

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  1. […] it, as almost all of the people at previous classes were seniors so I on the handout I added the websites I learned about at Internet Librarian last year.  It ended up being a very interesting mix.  I had some moms with their teenagers who […]


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