Blending In: Librarians in the Networked Community

Chrystie R. Hill led off on this session with some great examples and facts about Librarians and Libraries in networked communities.

“Big Ups” to Michael Porter who followed with a smart and funny presentation that woke me up before my 3rd cup of coffee, something that’s pretty hard to do. 🙂 He showed some example Library website and the great things they are doing. Some of the ideas he showed and my thoughts about them

  • Big WiFi zone button – we have WiFi? Do we advertise it on our site? I have to check. ugh I should know this
  • Featured Local Artist – hey! We have an Art Gallery in our Library and we let local artist display their work, why don’t we have this?
  • Survey linked from main page in an eye catching way – Topeka Shawnee – another great idea I’d love to steal, Robin have you noticed I keep adding to your “to-do” list? 🙂
  • A “Donate to your Library” Button right on the homepage -great idea!
  • Some startling statistics, which I didn’t get written down except the last part, essentially use of almost all online tools has gone up considerably in the last 2 years, except Library websites, it’s dropped from 30% to 20% of people saying they use it. Uh-Oh! See Michael for the source of this stat

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