Myspace Guidelines

The Library has had a Myspace page since our Learning 2.0 program. Part of the duties for my new position is to create goals and guidelines for all of the Library’s social networking sites. When I started writing the Myspace Guidelines I was surprised to find despite the proliferation of Libraries with Myspace pages, I could find only one with a policy. The Guidelines have been approved and MRRL’s Myspace page is official!

The administrator of the Library’s Myspace page will follow these guidelines in addition to the Library’s Public Service Policies

• Connect with teens, authors and pertinent adults
• Promote library programs, events and services through blogging and bulletins

• Information about library programs, events and services
• Materials owned by the library
• Information about authors and their works
• Links to other webpage. As a social networking site, links will be made to pages created by people outside the Library; the Library has no control over the content of those pages.

• All comments will be held for approval by the administrator
• Comments deemed inappropriate for a public space will not be approved
• Comments containing html that may interfere with the layout of the page will not be approved
• Advertisement or promotional comments must be under 10 lines and are subject to the approval of the administrator

• Friends are subject to approval by the administrator
• The Library reserves the right to approve or deny friends

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