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Ubiquitous Computing – Jason Griffey – Unconference Session 1

07.10.2009 · Posted in ALA Annual 2009

Jason Griffey – I do lots of stuff google me Ubiquitous computing – computers everywhere, mobile phones, net books, kindles Devices to devices, no longer devices to server Metcalfs law Free – Chris Anderson Cant compete on cost so much make things easies Questions & Comments from Office: What about server costs? – how can ...

Ubiquitous computing and library future

10.22.2008 · Posted in Internet Librarian

Ubiquitous computing and library future Michael Porter Libraryman Chris Peters – maintainit – small part of TechSoup, new cookbook coming out soon, definition a model of human computer interjection which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday object sand activities when computing and info access happen when and where we need it, enabled by ...