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Top Ten Links Week 40 – Broadband, Time Management and Productivity

10.11.2010 · Posted in Links, Read This, Time Management

My personal select top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 10/1/2010 through 10/7/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week 1. broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century #broadband - a post from Phoebe Yang - Senior Advisor to the Chairman ...

Time Off for Reflection, Regrouping and Prioritizing

I am taking the next two weeks off. Your regularly scheduled blog posts will resume on January 4th 2010. Why? The short version - It's the holidays, things are slow and it's always good to take a break. The long version - I need time to regroup and realign my priorities.  Lately I've been scrambling ...