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A day in the Life of a Librarian – Day 1

07.27.2009 · Posted in A Day in the Life of a Librarian

I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post First some background info: I'm the Digital Branch Manager at the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries in Columbus Georgia.  This is a brand new ...

David’s Digital Branch Stye Guide

02.11.2009 · Posted in Digital Services, Links, Patron Services

David Lee King knows a lot about digital service, he's the Digital Branch Manager at the Topeka Shawnee Library (and an author and a speaker).  If you are interested in digital services and aren't already reading David's blog, add it to your feedreader right now, go on, I'll wait. This wee he shared his Digital ...