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NEKLS Tech Day

08.05.2008 · Posted in Conferences

Thank you to Brenda, Josh, Erin, Scott, Sharon, Heather, Kate, David and everyone else who welcomed me and, even more important, did not point and laugh when I confessed my clothes closet is organized by a serious system including color, sleeve length, style and whether it was a "work" item.  :)   I saw a lot of great ...

Implementing Library Learning 2.0 or UKSG Presentation

04.08.2008 · Posted in Library Learning 2.0, Presentations, UKSG 2008

We gave our first presentation this afternoon It was a really great group of people, with great conversation, feedback and questions at the end. I promised them I'd put some links up for them so here they are! The presentation Library Learning 2.0 Library Learning 2.1 Other Learning 2.0 programs 43 Things article from Stephen ...