We are del.icio.us!

With a "to do" list a mile long I feel as though I'll never get anything finished. Technically this isn't finished either as it's meant to be a living page and it's well on it's way. My library is using our del.icio.us account to create our Weblinks page for our patrons. Robin set up the page using dishy and I've been busy adding links left and right. This is so much easier than maintaining a classic weblinks page, the Reference staff only has to know how to use del.icio.us and agree on a taxonomy for tags. No need to know html or use page editing software, which makes our website designer Read more [...]

Finding my way

I started this blog, then stopped blogging and deleted all the posts. I felt I lacked direction. With the Learning 2.0 program, and some other factors I've been given the chance at a new position with in my Library - Digital Services and Resources Librarian. I don't claim to be an expert or even an advanced user, I do claim to be finding my way through the 2.0 jungle like many others. The thing about finding your way is it's easy to loose track of where you started and how far you've come, the wrong paths you took and the shortcuts you found. Since I'm no stranger to blogging I know what a great Read more [...]