Training Adults: Getting and Keeping Attention

Sunday morning I attended a pre-conference workshop on training adults. I was a little disappointed in the content. It was aimed towards people who have never done any training and geared towards all day workshops. Since I work at a public library almost all of the training for both the staff and the public is an hour long maybe two. So a lot of the tips and techniques will be hard to apply. My impression from the other people who spoke up is they will have the same problems. Some of the good things I did get and will be using Guidelines - no matter how short my training sessions are I can take Read more [...]

Give people your name

The Internet Librarian Wiki had a link to conference tips from Stephen Abram, I think these are great and read them several times before I left. I was pleased to see that he says if you aren't getting what you expected or needed from a presentation, leave, your time is valuable. I've been doing this for years and feel slightly guilty about it sometimes, but if Stephen Abram says it's ok, well then... :) I have one tip to add - Give people the gift of your name. It's easy, wear your name tag clipped to your collar rather than on a lanyard. That way it's close to your face and easy to glance while Read more [...]

Social Tools for Your Library

Today I attended one of the pre-conference workshops Social Tools for Your Library by Aaron Schmidt. He covered a lot of tools many of which I'm already familiar with and we're already using or have plans in the works to use (Myspace, Flickr, Youtube, RSS Feedreaders, Blogs). Either way it's always good to review old topics and see them in a new light, become rejuvenated about them, and see how others are using them, plus some things we're not using. There was plenty of food for thought and I walked away with 4 pages of notes. Some things that really stood out (these are a combination of his points Read more [...]

Live from the Wild Plum!

I'm blogging live from the Wild Plum this morning because even though the hotel has WiFi it does not actually work. Luckily it's right across the street. Yesterday was a very long day (traveled for 17 hours), but if our plane had not been delayed in LAX we would not have seen the amazing sunset as we flew to Monterey, it lasted the entire flight and was truly stunning. This is my first time attending Internet Librarian and I'm thrilled to be here. Monterey is beautiful and there are some great sessions scheduled.   I’ve put up my schedule and I’ll try to blog everyday about the sessions Read more [...]

MLA Presentation

Yesterday I drove 6 hours round trip to give a presentation (Learning Web 2.0 - Technologies and Beyond) with Robin at the Missouri Library Association Conference. This is the second time we've given this presentation, the first one was a Telepresention through MOREnet. I have to say we rocked the house at MLA! We were both spot on with our presentation (we alternate back and forth throughout), the audience was receptive and interested, and we got a lot of great questions at the end. One person even asked if we were interested in taking our show on the road, we said sure! So we might be presenting Read more [...]

Myspace Guidelines

The Library has had a Myspace page since our Learning 2.0 program. Part of the duties for my new position is to create goals and guidelines for all of the Library's social networking sites. When I started writing the Myspace Guidelines I was surprised to find despite the proliferation of Libraries with Myspace pages, I could find only one with a policy. The Guidelines have been approved and MRRL's Myspace page is official! The administrator of the Library’s Myspace page will follow these guidelines in addition to the Library’s Public Service Policies Purpose • Connect with teens, authors Read more [...]

We are!

With a "to do" list a mile long I feel as though I'll never get anything finished. Technically this isn't finished either as it's meant to be a living page and it's well on it's way. My library is using our account to create our Weblinks page for our patrons. Robin set up the page using dishy and I've been busy adding links left and right. This is so much easier than maintaining a classic weblinks page, the Reference staff only has to know how to use and agree on a taxonomy for tags. No need to know html or use page editing software, which makes our website designer Read more [...]