Teach Me More! Fun & Gaming in Libraries

Chad Boeninger presented about Adapting Library Services to the Needs of Gamers the first half of this session. I found this really interesting, even though I am a gamer I'd never really thought about the differences between gamers and non-gamers. For example: game encourage decision making, interaction, and imerision. Gamers learn by doing, if they try something and it fails they will try another way, there is no one right way to achieve your goal games teach problem solve skills and team work games are hard, perseverance pays off So how do we reach these people? Read more [...]

Intergrating Libraries & Communities

This was a great presentation that started out with a look at Hennepin's wonderful Bookspace, hop over and take a look at it, it's impressive. Just some of the things that really stand out pictures of patrons reading blog enews sign ups main page index Featured lists - created by librarians What We're Reading - created by staff Reader's Lists - patrons are creating these! Genre pages New titles list Librarian tips and news Who is doing all this work? There is a Bookspace Coordinator, a senior Libririan in Web Services, a bookspace worskshop and bookspace coordinators. The interface Read more [...]

Cranky? Boomers & Older Adults Are Greying the Internet

This was a really interesting session about the on-line communities for older adults and the services Libraries are providing to them. Most on-line communities are aimed at upper middle class women and it looks like they are missing their target audience they don't seem to have an idea of who they are trying to reach Seniornet Thirdage ReZoom Cranky Eldr I need to check these out and add them to our links page. Also what about a Wii tournament for Seniors? We've seen pictures of nursing homes or older adult communities doing it? Why not the Library? - Great idea I wonder if we're allowed Read more [...]

Blending In: Librarians in the Networked Community

Chrystie R. Hill led off on this session with some great examples and facts about Librarians and Libraries in networked communities. "Big Ups" to Michael Porter who followed with a smart and funny presentation that woke me up before my 3rd cup of coffee, something that's pretty hard to do. :) He showed some example Library website and the great things they are doing. Some of the ideas he showed and my thoughts about them Big WiFi zone button - we have WiFi? Do we advertise it on our site? I have to check. ugh I should know this Featured Local Artist - hey! We have an Art Gallery in our Library Read more [...]

What’s Happening in IL Space

This reception was at the Monterey Public Library on Sunday evening, there were a several speakers and a wine and cheese reception afterwards. I know, I know, how could I have forgotten to write about this yesterday? :) The Library was open with a lot of natural light and some great book displays, the staff was friendly and helpful to all of the strangers convening in their space. There was a LOT of information presented in a very short time so forgive the briefness of my notes. It was a great teaser for the rest of the week. Jeremy Kemp from San Jose State University School of Library & Read more [...]

Games, Gaming and Libraries

My Sunday morning pre-conference workshop was presented by Aaron Schmidt and Jenny Levine. Jenny presented first, reminding us the wide scoop that "gaming" covers - board games, computer games, online computer games such as scrabble, cell phone games, pda game etc. The stereotype that gamers are 13 year old boys sitting in their basements alone, is wrong. Sure there are 13 year old boys sitting in their basements but the average online gamer is a woman over 40. Aaron followed up with some great information about how to hold your own gaming programs. Dance, Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero are Read more [...]

Training Adults: Getting and Keeping Attention

Sunday morning I attended a pre-conference workshop on training adults. I was a little disappointed in the content. It was aimed towards people who have never done any training and geared towards all day workshops. Since I work at a public library almost all of the training for both the staff and the public is an hour long maybe two. So a lot of the tips and techniques will be hard to apply. My impression from the other people who spoke up is they will have the same problems. Some of the good things I did get and will be using Guidelines - no matter how short my training sessions are I can take Read more [...]

Give people your name

The Internet Librarian Wiki had a link to conference tips from Stephen Abram, I think these are great and read them several times before I left. I was pleased to see that he says if you aren't getting what you expected or needed from a presentation, leave, your time is valuable. I've been doing this for years and feel slightly guilty about it sometimes, but if Stephen Abram says it's ok, well then... :) I have one tip to add - Give people the gift of your name. It's easy, wear your name tag clipped to your collar rather than on a lanyard. That way it's close to your face and easy to glance while Read more [...]