Get Your Geek On

Ok sometimes my geekiness surprises even me. Most of the big decisions for LL2.1 have been made for a while now, the prizes were agreed upon, lessons have been written (just not posted), I'm just waiting for the kick off. I have spent countless hours brain storming, thinking up plans and incentives, writing lessons, talking to staff, talking to my boss, antagonizing over why people didn't participate last time and will they participate this time? So the last couple of weeks, kinda blah. But today, today it all pays off. The first lesson is Monday but today I sent my first staff email officially Read more [...]

LL2.1 Staff Grand Prize

It looks like we're going to be able to offer a Grand Prize for LL2.1. Everyone who completes all the lessons will have their name put in the drawing. As of right now this is the digital camera I've selected. Of course technology changes fast so it may be a different one by the time we do the drawing. Canon PowerShot SD1000 Read more [...]

Tell Us How Great We Are

I noticed this little message at the top of my Gmail account tonight "Share your Gmail story" I use a lot of Gmail and Google tools so I clicked on the link to see what what up and got this screen. Seriously how great is this idea? Tell us how great we are and post the video on YouTube for everyone to see! I am so stealing this idea for my library! Read more [...]

The Search for Prizes

In addition to writing "Things" for the LL2.1 program, I'm searching for prizes. Since the program is different this time I think we'll be structuring the prizes so that for every 5 or 10 lessons completed they'll get a small prize, with a larger prize at the end. Smaller prizes will probably be fun things like desk toys candy, flash drive, etc. The nice thing about a small library is I know most of the staff so we can make sure they get something they'll like or use. I asked the staff for suggestions for the large prize last week, a couple of people suggested another MP3 player, and one a suggested Read more [...]

Changes Abound

Since my position at the library is new and the idea of a digital services is still emerging and the idea of a digital librarian is evolving, there are a lot of changes. I just finished writing my job description last week and already my title has changed. With all the tasks, responsibilities, and initiatives my position involves it's been bumped up to manager level. Since no one actually reports to me, I get the title of Digital Services Coordinator. My responsibilities don't actually change other than they seem to constantly be growing and developing. Today I worked with vendors to pay bills, Read more [...]


Everyone is writing about this, so I'm not even gonna add my two cents. CNet New York Times Newsweek Bloggers I will be keeping my eye on it though. I think Amazon is aligned to make an ebook reader a success if anyone is. I just don't know if they will. Read more [...]