Facebook not just for making friends.

NPR reported this morning that protesters in Columbia used Facebook to organize support around the world against FARC.

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One Man’s Treasure…

Meredith Farkas' recent post about Library 2.0 got me thinking about me; my title, my position, my duties and my goals. The position of Digital Services Librarian is just 6 months old (and I think the title itself has changed 3 times already). My duties and goals are always in flux which means, for me at least, my position is 2.0. As in not static, changing, evolving, and developing to meet the needs of my users - library staff and patrons. Six months seems like a good time to reflect and, if needed, re-access. A lot has happened, I attended my first Internet Librarian conference, kicked off Library Read more [...]

Guitar Hero Rocks the Library

Saturday was our first Game Day to include Guitar Hero. It was a small, last minute Game Day in order to help introduce the exciting new programs we'll be having this year and the opening of our Teen Zone. It was a success! Although the lighting in the room wasn't great I managed to snap a few ok pictures. Some how Robin got a hold of the camera while we were setting up and took this one of me. Eh, I had no idea I looked like that while rocking out. Luckily once the teens started showing up I didn't have a chance to get anywhere near a guitar :) Read more [...]

We Want to Know What You Think

I've been managing MRRL's blog for a couple of months now. Just getting staff used to the idea and getting them excited about it. With the New Year came the "official" kick off of the blog. There are now other contributes on a regular basis and an "official" calender of when posts are sent to publish :) Robin has even got the blog showing up on the Library's front page. All in all some very exciting things are happening! We started something today I think tops all of them. Our "We Want to Know What You Think" question! Each month the Director will provide a question we'd like feedback from the Read more [...]

Library Learning 2.1 Kicks Off!

Today kicks off our second week of Library Learning 2.1. Robin already wrote a great post about our kick off week, so I wont duplicate it by writing one here. But I did get some great feed back that I want to share. They love the "bit size" lessons "I did the first lesson - short and sweet. Perfect!" They're thrilled that these lessons can also be used by patrons. If they get questions about any of the topics they have a resource they can point them to. They are just exited to be learning! "Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to what you and Robin come up with this year. " Read more [...]

Get Your Geek On

Ok sometimes my geekiness surprises even me. Most of the big decisions for LL2.1 have been made for a while now, the prizes were agreed upon, lessons have been written (just not posted), I'm just waiting for the kick off. I have spent countless hours brain storming, thinking up plans and incentives, writing lessons, talking to staff, talking to my boss, antagonizing over why people didn't participate last time and will they participate this time? So the last couple of weeks, kinda blah. But today, today it all pays off. The first lesson is Monday but today I sent my first staff email officially Read more [...]

LL2.1 Staff Grand Prize

It looks like we're going to be able to offer a Grand Prize for LL2.1. Everyone who completes all the lessons will have their name put in the drawing. As of right now this is the digital camera I've selected. Of course technology changes fast so it may be a different one by the time we do the drawing. Canon PowerShot SD1000 Read more [...]

Tell Us How Great We Are

I noticed this little message at the top of my Gmail account tonight "Share your Gmail story" I use a lot of Gmail and Google tools so I clicked on the link to see what what up and got this screen. Seriously how great is this idea? Tell us how great we are and post the video on YouTube for everyone to see! I am so stealing this idea for my library! Read more [...]