Library Camp Kansas Overview

Let me say upfront that Library Camp Kansas was a huge success! Everything went off a without a hitch and so many great ideas were exchanged! If you're wondering where my notes are from Session 2, I didn't take any, it happened over lunch and it wasn't convenient to be eating and typing. Registration was from 9-10, at 10 the Unconference officially kicked off. Brenda Hough opened about a story on NPR Marketplace about an unconference where 80 people signed up and only 4 showed up. Lib Camp KS had about 100 people sign up and it looked like we were all there! Brenda talked about what would Read more [...]

Lib Camp KS Session 3 – 2.0

My third session was Web 2.0, here are my notes. Started with definition of Web2.0 collaboration user centered flexible How is 2.0 used in Academic? Virginia Tech has a blog that is comment cards from patrons then response from Lib Duke University Ipods? "we're at library camp Kansas, we're all big freaks" - david Lee King (this is my favorite quote from the conference. Via la freaks! ;) ) bitch magazine, jezebel blog class for grad students on becoming internet famous Web metrics about success of blog, page hits, length of visit, google page rank come on this stuff has been around Read more [...]

Lib Camp KS Session 1 – Free & Cheap

My first session was Free & Cheap, the idea was to share free and cheap tools we're using at our libraries or for ourselves. Someone (I can't remember who) made a good point, there is a difference between free beer and free kittens, kittens take a bit more work. Some of these might require some work on your end. ;) I think I got all of them. Windows Live Sky drive Survey Monkey Ccleaner Spybot search and destory adaware Hijackthis Firefox web developer extension IrfanView slideshare Open Office wordpress audacity List Garden - generate Read more [...]


I'm home from Library Camp Kansas, overall a huge success! Thank you and congratulations toeveryone who helped plan for such a fabulous idea. I promise to write a more comprehensive review of what I learned and my thought's (I have notes!) on unconferences within the week. Since I just go home from driving 8 plus hours today, in addition to exchanging some great ideas, I'm going to go relax. In the mean time take a look at the blog posts and pictures everyone else has put up! ;) Read more [...]

Congrats Movers & Shakers!

Library Journal's list of Movers & Shakers is up. I grabbed this list (which includes names) from Jessamyn West's page. All I did is add a link to the blogs if I could find one. Because we all need more blogs in our bloglines folders! ;) Thank you to Jessamyn for putting the names with the articles and congratulations to all the Movers and Shakers! Grace Under Pressure (Maria Redburn) The Man Who Said No to Dewey (Marshall Shore) In Context (Hilary Davis) Films ‘R’ Us (Jim Cheng) Giving Back (Darci Hanning) Thrill Seeker (Allyson Mower) User-Centered Technologist (David Lee King) Read more [...]

Computer/Internet Classes for Patrons

MRRL is getting ready to kick off it's new serious of computer/internet classes for the public. I've agreed to teach half of them, so I've been busy working on presentations and plans. I wonder how this will be different from teaching other Librarians. Here's my list of classes, any tips or suggestions? :) Introduction to Blogging: Learn the basics of blogging – We’ll cover, what is a blog, how to find blogs you’d like to read, how to start a blog and basic blog etiquette. Find Your Friends on Facebook :An introduction to Facebook, a social website used to find and stay in touch with old Read more [...]


As part of our Library Learning 2.1 program I wrote a post about Pandora, it went live to the staff yesterday and they are just loving it. Imagine my surprise when I see a comment from Lucia, a staff member at Pandora. How exciting! She left some great tips along with these comments: It's great to hear that librarians are loving Pandora! I myself left a library gig to work at Pandora. I can see how headphones + pandora may be necessary in a library, at times, since you can't exactly crank the speaker volume up to "10." ;) Francesca: Feel free to tell Jim Scott to send us a CD, and we'll take Read more [...]