On Remixing and Resharing Online – I Do This for the Money, Prestige, and Power. Said No Librarian Ever.

About a month ago, well actually June 30th according to the someecards website, I created these two librarian ecards. I  noticed this morning they are making the rounds on Facebook again so I thought I'd post them here. Neither of the cards is accredited to me or links back to the original on someecards.com and that's fine I didn't make them for the power and prestige, I made them for fun.  :-) But seeing them make the rounds again prompted me to write about something I have been talking about in person for a while now so I thought I'd share them. :-) Now for the real stuff! I've been Read more [...]

Closing the Digital Skills Gap – PLAN

Presentation for PLAN Closing the Digital Skills Gap from Bobbi Newman Resources I limited my suggestions to just three of each as not to be overwhelming Websites Common Sense Media.org Media Smarts Tech Training for Libraries  Blogs Van Meter Library Voice The Daring Librarian A Media Specialists Guide to the Web Twitter @ShannonMiller @gwynethjones @joycevalenza  Facebook New Media Consortium American Association of School Librarians School Library Journal Miscellaneous 23 things School Librarians and the Common Core Standards: Resources/ Carterette_Series_Webinars References ALA Read more [...]

Bridging the Digital Divide – NTLP Conference

Presented at the North Texas Library Partner's 5th Annual Conference on Library Technology Bridging the Digital Divide: It's more than teaching computer skills to seniors from Bobbi Newman References There are on the last three slides but here you go! ALA supports FCC proposal to fund digital literacy training through public libraries. (2012, April 3).District Dispatch. Retrieved from http://www.districtdispatch.org/2012/04/ala-supports-fcc-proposal-to-fund-digital-literacy-training-through-public-libraries/ Aspen Institute to Advance Recommendations of the Knight Commission. Read more [...]

How I Lost Access to my Google Account for Weeks Thanks To Two-Step Verification

I should have written this post six months ago when it happened, but better late than never eh? Thanks to the recent Wired article about the hacking of  Mat Honan’s Amazon, Apple, Google and Twitter accounts I’ve noticed people saying they are turning on Google’s two step verification process. The purpose of this post is NOT to tell you not to use it but just some words of caution. If you're not familiar with two-step verification and how it works here's a handy video. Now for the rest of the story! As a frequent travel and user of free wi-fi I activated Google two-step verification Read more [...]

20 Things to Do After You Accept that Speaking Gig

A couple of years ago I wrote Nine Questions to Ask Before You Accept That Speaking Gig – (go read it, it’s full of great information!) this is a much overdue follow up. Preparation 1. Start working on your presentation now! Even if it is six months out, at least start taking notes! 2. Know yourself and your presentation style. Some people use a slide for every minute or two of speaking, some for 30 seconds or less. 3. Put together a good presentation. You were invited to be there, maybe even paid. Make sure your slides and the presentation are worthy. Practice your talk. 4. Find Read more [...]

You Can Not Do More With Less – Less for Libraries Means Less For Our Communities and They Deserve More

Doing more with less is a bad joke on people who have made a living making something from nothing. Two years ago George Needham was a speaker at my library's staff day. I'm not sure these were his exact words, but it is pretty close and you get the idea. It stuck with me. Libraries and librarians need to stop saying we can do more with less. We can't. We can do less with less. Our communities are continually demanding more from us - more formats for content, more space for things like games, meetings and creating both digital and physical things. These are all great things, things libraries Read more [...]

To Be or Not To Be? #Libday9

I'm gearing up to announce Library Day in the Life Round 9 and I have run into a couple of issues. While I was struggling with them a larger issue occurs to me - should there even be a libday9? So I'm bringing it to the masses. Here are my questions for you 1. Should there be an Libday9? Social media has changed a lot since the first one in 2008. Are people even still interested in sharing their day and, maybe more importantly, reading about the day of others? The last couple of years the posts have gotten more chronological and, I think, less useful for people looking for information about Read more [...]

Libraries Are Powerful Partners

Now start acting like it. I spent much of the last two weeks dealing with the issue of libraries and digital literacy. There were a great many meetings and conversations and discussions. Too many to blog and some off the record. I also spent most of the last week at the Annual ALA conference in Anaheim attending a variety of meetings. In the end my take away from all this comes down to one simple thing - Libraries are Powerful Partners. Now start acting like it. Powerful partners: contribute share bring something to the table show up at the party even when they aren't the belle Read more [...]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (and the Interesting) of Libraries and eBooks – Pew’s Latest Report

This morning at 12:01 am Pew released their new report on the role of libraries in the digital age – title Libraries, patrons and ebooks. You can read the full report here and I encourage you to do so, there is a great deal of good data there. I've pulled out some data that I think falls under the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain interesting sections. The good: Almost 70% of people believe that their local library is important to them 58% of adults are library card holders. 12% of Americans ages 16 and older who read e-books say they have borrowed an e-book from a library Read more [...]