Reviving the OPAC: an overview of catalog overlay software products

Reviving the OPAC: an overview of catalog overlay software products by Mary Aycock & Jee Davis University of Missouri-Columbia Link: Aquabrowser Encore Endeca Primo  Next gen catalogs Catalog overlay Catalog search overlay  Facets From metadata sources Authority control  Possible facets: ·         Author ·         Format ·         Online resources ·         Topic ·         Pub date ·         Geographic region ·         Genre ·         Read more [...]

Session 2 – Free and open source software

Free and open source software = Benefits and hidden costs Stephen Pryor Tech mngr St. Louis University Free software – can do what you what – think free speech not free beer  Open source software Who uses it? Approximately 87% of US organizations – Linux Why would you use free and open source software? No cost Security – peer review of code allows it to get better Reliability – more sets of eyes looking over code Affordability – free of charge, may be charge for installiation and maintenance Licensing – General public Linux MySQL Apache PHP Firefox Thunderbird Koha Evergreen VuFind Read more [...]

Session 1 – Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101, Using Podcasting in an Academic setting by  Jodie Borgerding & Martha Allen Piux XII Memorial Library St Louis University   Definition of podcasting Definition of vodcasting   What’s the buzz? Stats about tech savvy users, 1st qrtr of 2007 iPod sales reached 100 millionth rank Oct 2007 14% of adults age 18-29 have downloaded a podcast 35% of 677 profs say podcasts are an important communication tool Rise in pop of online videos   Uses of podcasting at other libs: Bellevue community college life science center Valdosta University Library - Plagiarism video Moaine Read more [...]

Connect With Your Patrons in the Digital World

I'm giving this presentation at the Mobius conference today, I wish I could say it's somewhere exotic, but it's just in at the Lake.  Which means a lot of driving but no overnight stay for me. Connect with your patrons in the digital worldView more presentations from Bobbi Newman. I'll also be attending some sessions, I'm not sure what the wifi situation is but look for notes soon! Read more [...]

SCOM Videos

MRRL now has a Self Checkout Machine (SCOM) and staff made videos to help patrons understand how to use it. I got a hold of them and put them on both MRRL's Flickr and Youtube accounts. The flickr video is so much clearer, of course we're paying for a pro account, but I can't see why we'd bother with YouTube anymore. Am I missing something? What do you think? [flickr video=2544538607] Read more [...]

Find Your Friends on Facebook

I taught this class last night as part of the series of Internet classes I'm teaching to patrons at MRRL. I was a bit worried going into it, as almost all of the people at previous classes were seniors so I on the handout I added the websites I learned about at Internet Librarian last year.  It ended up being a very interesting mix.  I had some moms with their teenagers who wanted learn about Facebook to monitor their kids profiles, a lady interested in setting up a page for a Non-Profit, and some seniors.  I'm not sure I'll teach this one again, probably I'll cover it in Internet Safety that Read more [...]

FriendFeed takes stalking to a new level

Or maybe it's just me. :-) Like most of us I spent a lot of time checking out new sites and online tools.  Some of them like, twine, zigtag, and brightkite, I play with for a while then drop for one reason or another.  Others stick with me, likeFriendFeed.  I know it's been around awhile, but I just started playing with it.  There is a lot I like about it, but sometimes it makes me uneasy.  I feel like I'm spying on all these people, I mean I can see their blogposts, bookmarks, Flickr favorites, books they plan to read from Goodreads or Librarything.  Granted I'm probably their Read more [...]

Web2.0 levels playing field

Or at least social hierarchy.  Last year was my first Internet Librarian Conference, after being in my new position as Digital Services Librarian for only 2 months I hadn't had an opportunity to meet many people face to face and there were a lot of names I didn't recognize.  I attended presentations and met people from the likes of Jenny Levine, Aaron Schmidt, Amy Kearns, David Lee King, Michael Porter, Jason Griffey, Amanda Etches-Johnson, TomIpri, Christie Hill, Helene Blowers, Erin Downey Howerton, Joshua M. Neff and many more.  I'm striving to be like these people and one of the things Read more [...]