Missouri Librarians Unite!

Earlier this year Robin and I heard that some of our nieghbors in Kansas were planning an Unconference, calling it Kansas Library Camp.  We agreed that Missouri needed one of these so we made plans to crash their conference, borrow their ideas and started the search for funding for a Missouri Library Camp.  Everything was going great, we were welcomed at Kansas Library Camp and ideas were shared freely, and we found a grant we thought would cover expenses.  Fast foward to yesterday, we found out we did not get the grant.  Time for Plan B, er, except well we don't have one.  So it's brainstormign Read more [...]

Are other libraries teaching patrons about blogging?

I'm taking a break from the video game (PS2) I'm playing, to write this, because even though I tell myself the hard parts teach me patient and perseverance, they really make my head want to explore.  :)  Last night I finally taught the rescheduled Introduction to Blogging class I was supposed to teach in May.  I really love these classes and even better, patrons love them too.  They get hands on experience and one on one time with a library staff remember.  I usually spend the first half hour explaining things and giving demonstrations, then for the last half  we do hands-on.  Nikki teachs half Read more [...]

LibraryThing adds Find Friends feature

It's 7 am and I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee but I'm already excited!  LibraryThing has added a Find Friends feature! Sweet!   One of my favorite tools, as a librarian, a book lover, goes even more social! It has the usual option to find people using your email contacts, but also a way to search for friends using your "also on" connections.  Which is awesome because there are some people I've never emailed who are in my Twitter account (Facebook isn't supported yet).  I have to say as someone who has, more than once, accidentally spammed all of my contacts with an invitation Read more [...]

What’s your hook?

One of the things about having a blog or facebook page for patrons is that you need to give them a reason to come back. What can they get there that they can't get anywhere else? The Pirates application on Facebook hooked me with the monkey, I love monkeys! So what hook are you using to get people to read your blog?  visit your myspace page?  What hooks do you use to get people to come to 3D library events?  How can you apply those to the web? Read more [...]

2.0 round 2

Anyone who knows Robin or me knows either one of us can easily talk your ear off about Web2.0, probably for a whole day, if you're unlucky enough to be stuck wth us for that long. :-) But what about 4 days between the two of us? Well, we're about to find out. We've been invited back to present for MoreNet and the Missouri State Library at Summer Institute. We did 2 half day sessions at Winter Institute in February for a total of 6 hours. This August we'll be doing 4 days, for a total of 18 hours, 3 times as much. Can we do it? Without a doubt, but will my vocal cords hold up? I'm betting on it!  Read more [...]

How do you find the time?

It seems every time I give a presentation on Web tools one of the questions I'm asked by overwhelmed participants is - how do you find the time to keep up with everything? I give an off the top of my head answer, which, while truthful, doesn't cover everything. I'm hoping writing about it will help me give a clearer answer next time, maybe get some tips and tricks from you and provide a reference point for future questioners. I dont' try to keep up with everything. There is so much going on, I think it would be impossible to try to do it al and have a balanced life, so I accept that there Read more [...]

The New WebJunction Sneak Peek

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be included in a group of people who saw a sneak peek of the New WebJunction. I am so impressed with the social functionality of it. Think Facebook meets Linkedin meets online learning, incredible! It hasn't been released yet, they are talking late summer, which is too bad because I want in RIGHT NOW! :-) I know they'll be some more sneak peeks at ALA, so for all of you lucky enough to be attending, go check it out! In the mean time go you can see BlogJunctions Post about it and WebJunctions Flickr account for screenshots Read more [...]

Mobius Conference Overview

Mobuis is a consortium of Missouri Libraries, predominately universities and colleges, with a few public libraries, like MRRL. It's a relatively small conference aimed at academics, but so many things translate across the board - podcasting, social networking, improving your OPAC, etc.  I was able to attend some great sessions, and like always I'm returning to work with Plans.  Nothing gets me revved up to try new things like connecting with other librarians. :-)  Stay tuned! The presentation went great.  The photo at right shows the right half of the room, there was a large pillar in the Read more [...]