Thursday Part 1- A Day in the Life of a Librarian

Thursday- Another late day.  In the morning I check all my email accounts from home, nothing major happening so I head to the gym.  I'm in the office at 12:30, first things first check my voicemail Message about needing stats on Computer classes for board meeting I find them and hand deliver.  I pop in my bosses office to talk about the Computer Classes are going and the stats for them.  I need to get started writing the final report for the grant that allowed us to get the laptops and have the classes.  In the interested of full disclosure, unfortunately I became pretty ill last Thursday Read more [...]

Wednesday – A day in the life of a librarian

Wednesday 7/9/08 Tonight is one of my late days because computer/internet classes are tonight.  Nikki & I take turns teaching a series of classes that vary from basic to advanced.  Tonight Nikki is teaching Microsoft Word so I get to be Vanna, assisting, troubleshooting & helping patrons when they run into a problem.  I get up and after making coffee, check all email accounts from home. Then since I don't have to be at work until this afternoon I try to relax so I a play video game.  When I get too frustrated because I'm dying I check FriendFeed and Twitter and see Read more [...]

Tuesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian Day 2

Tuesday: Today I telecommute! I telecommute for 8 hours a week.  These seems like a sweet deal until you realize I actually work from home about 20 hours a week and I'm only allowed to count 8 of those hours.  I start the day off by checking my  email accounts.  Then I drink some tea and do the normal get ready for work things.  But instead of getting my car, I get out my bike and ride to a localy coffee shop for fuel (I have a serious cappuccino addiction), atmosphere and increased focus, I do so much better when the dogs don't act l ike I'm the worst mommy in the world for not playing Read more [...]

Monday – A day in the life of a librarian

Monday 7/07/08  Get up check both email accounts from home.   In addition to my work account I use a gmail account for many things work related, email lists, notifications, etc.  I address anything that needs immediate action, save the rest for when I actually get in the office.    Get ready and head to meet my carpool buddy, I carpool as often as I can, but my schedule is wacky so usually just one day a week.   Get to work, check email again (I get a lot of email).  Actually got through email, respond, delete or forward as necessary.  Work on my budget, including review Read more [...]

What is a librarian’s day like?

Wow I saw this come across in the search terms used to find my blog.  I'm assuming it's someone considering becoming a Librarian and I thought what an amazing opportunity!  If I post about this and get others to do it too, it will allow librarians to share amongst ourselves (our positions are changing so rapidly) and also  to let the public know what we do.  I'm not sure I have the ability to start a meme, but I really hope other librarians will pick this up as sort of a meme and write about their day or week on their blogs Since my days vary so much, I'm going to write about my Read more [...]

Joshua M. Neff’s big announcement

wow, blogging before I've finished my second cup of coffee.  It takes something pretty exciting to make that happen.  Well this IS exciting!  Josh has had us on pins and needles for the last couple of weeks, waiting for his big announcement.  He finally made it this morning!  Library Society of the World has a new website,  head over to Josh's site to learn more and join up!  Not a member of LSW?  You should join, it's a free, it's causal, and you'll meet some great people.  Josh kicked off the group with the goal of being an equal place for all people interested in libraries and Read more [...]

One more way to use Flickr – videos!

Earlier this month I attended a Mobius conferernce session about vodcasting in libraries.  I came back all inspired and fired up.  I don't think our patrons are ready for vodcasting yet but that didn't stop me from making videos.  Even better is was perfect timing for Flickr allowing 90 second videos that are much better quality than YouTube. Our reference staff has been talking about proactive reference, empowering patrons to use some of the online tools themselves.  So I started making videos of how to do some basics and posted them on MRRL's flickr account.   Right now they're getting Read more [...]

MRRL’s Twitter account gets a shout out

Please excuse me a moment of self indulgence, MRRL’s twitter account got a shout out in a recent Library School Journal article about libraries using Twitter.  Since the flickr account and the blog are a labor of love on my part I’m so happy when I see that they are getting some love from someone else.  We’ve got the twitter account set up to show the RSS from the blog and flickr, pretty freaking sweet! 

Teaching Patrons about Flickr

The first Online Picture Sharing class was last week and the second is this week, we only have 15 laptops for the patrons to use so we have to have multiple sessions.  I choose to focus on Flickr vs one of the many other online picture sharing sites inpart because MRRL has a Flickr account and because of the Social aspects of Flickr.  Online Picture SharingView more presentations from Bobbi Newman. I've started working on the next set of classes, one of them being Online Safety, this is a hard one for me because it's important to me to teach people to be safe without making them feel Read more [...]