Library is…?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Denver for vacation and we stopped at the Denver Art Museum.  In addition to all the traditional art one expects to see in a museum they also had some patron contribution displays.  Throughout the museum notebooks were set out and patrons could record their thoughts and feelings about the art.  They could take the pages or leave them.  There were poems about art and belief and creativity painted on the walls that were taken from another patron display.   My favorite exhibit was this one, in the picture, the wall simple said "Art is...." and there were sticky Read more [...]

How do you get organized?

At the end of the Becoming 2.0 four day workshop we all shared how we get organized.   Let's face it, most of us are expected to do more and more in the same amount of time.  Some of the tips and tools the class shared were: Evernote, Getting Things Done, 43 Folders and Google notebook.  I've read about to do lists and index cards on other blogs.  I think it's important to do what works for you and what works for you might not work for others, but I'm always looking for new tips and tools. My system?  A notebook at work for note taking and actions items on the right hand side, colored pens Read more [...]

Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Library

I'm a little late, but just in case you haven't seen the latest music video sweeping libraryland. Warning! It's catchy!  If you want to sing along the lyrics are here. Thank you to David Lee King and Michael Porter for the tremendous amount of effort they put into making this awesome library related song and video. Read more [...]

Tornados in Denver

I just happened to be in Parker Colorado (near Denver) yesterday when the Tornadoes touched down.  I was headed into a restaurant for dinner when we looked up and saw this.  There were no sirens and at first the people around us didn't notice. I didn't learn until later that it's the most dangerous when it's straight up and down.  I head conflicting reports of how close it actually was to where I was at.  The odd thing I didn't notice until it was over was how still it was.  No wind.  Despite living in both Iowa and Missouri, this is the first time I've seen a tornado.  There were Read more [...]

Is Library 2.0 and/or Web 2.0 really serving our patrons?

I saw and participated in a discussion on this on one of my email lists last week. I thought I'd take more time to write out my thoughts and responses on my blog.  Sarah posted this over in MaintainIT but it looks like she didn't open it up for comments so I'm going to. Here is part of the email I sent the list One of the problems I've seen with 2.0 is the library runs out and gets a blog or facebook page or whatever and declares themselves 2.0. They don't consider who they are trying to reach, what they are trying to accomplish, how they will accomplish it or measure success. We need to take Read more [...]

Workshop Wrap Up

On Friday I finished the last day of the four day Becoming 2.0 workshop.  I'm not used to spending that much time talking to people, some days I don't talk to anyone.  So at the end I was pretty tired, but that's passed and now I'm just excited.  There were 17 "students" and everyone of them has at least one thing they were planning to start when they got back to their library and each one was different.  The great part of Web2.0 (or the Social Web) is that you can take what works for you and your patrons, and they are doing just that.  As part of the class we had them create blogs and I Read more [...]

How do you organize your FeedReader?

We're covering feedreaders in the workshop today so I thought I'd ask, how do you organize your feed reader?  I recently made the switch from bloglines to GoogleReader.  I'm still  playing with the many tools it gives you. I'm a big fan of using folders or labels to organize and prioritize my feeds.   The friends folder is pretty self-explanitory, any time something pops up in there I check it first.  The daily folder I don't always read daily but it's high priority feeds and I try to keep it to 10 feeds or less.   Day in the Life are the blogs that made it on the Day in the Life Read more [...]

Becoming 2.0 – What 2.0 can do you for you

After much preperation the time has finally arrived!  This week I'm cohosting a Web 2.0 workshop sponsered by MOREnet and the Missouri State Library.  The topic - They asked us to talk about using Web 2.0 tools in your library!  Even better, my cohost and I created the whole thing using Google Docs.  How else are two people going to edit a presentation at all hours of the day and night?  These will not be on my slideshare account if you want to see them you'll have to check them out on the wiki after the end of the week.  They wont all be up until the end of the workshop on Friday.  If Read more [...]

How I Became a Librarian

I guess turn about is fair play and since Tom so willing did my meme, I have to do his - How I got into this mess or How did you become a librarian?  :)  I think not only is this story long, it's kinda boring.  But here it goes, try to stay awake ok?  :) My first paying job at age 16 was a clerk at the local public library, a tiny l library, we had less than 10 staff members, one MLS librarian.  This meant I actually worked the reference desk every other weekend.  Eventually I moved on to a higher paying job so I could afford a car and other items a teenage girl must have.  I have worked Read more [...]