From Avatars to Advocay

From Avatars to Advocacy Michael Porter & Helene Blowers OCLC reports - full of stats What is our brand? more than a logo books your community - this should be your focus all libs are different old paradigm - control the look & feel of the brand, broadcast this to an audience from mass marketing to niche marketing no longer consumers multisumer, we don't just consume we create and contribute new paradigm - influence the character of portability of you the brand chik-fil-a marketing has kids take pic with paper cow from the outside the bag, and send it in to google different logos Read more [...]

Internet Librarian here I come!

I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow for the Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey.  I'm really looking forward to it!   The sessions are already full of great information to bring back with me.  Plus I get to talk with so many amazing people from Libraryland, I'm always so revved up when I get back from these things. If you're going to be there DM over at Twitter or send me an email.  Don't forget I have several Akoha decks to hand out and my own deck of cards to play. If  you wont be able to be there, stay tuned, because I'll be bloggin it! Read more [...]

Poll – How many times a day to you check Twitter?

Just because I can. now has an option to create and add polls built right into the post toolbar. Sweet! So I made up a poll.  I’m not planning to do anything with this info, other than probably write a blog post about it.  

[polldaddy poll=1000366][polldaddy poll=1000366]

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State wide Learning 2.0 programs

Something that came up while I was giving my presentation at MLA is that Missouri should have state wide Learning 2.0 program.  My response - I'd love it! here is who go you suggest this to and let's see what happens.  I ended up having several conversations with the "right" people before I left and as prep work for my follow up email I sent a question off to the Twitterati - anyone know of any states organizations doing Learning 2.0 statewide? with participants from multiple libraries? I thought I'd share the responses. Nebraska Minnesota Arizona Maryland Australia Tennessee Edited Read more [...]

My Dell Mini 9 – a review

A lot of people have stopped me and asked me about the Dell Mini over the last few days.  Ok, fine, maybe I was flaunting it at MLA a little bit and I've been going on endlessly about it on Twitter, but it's completely deserving. Let me state for the record, I do not have an IT background, I am a slightly more Techie than average person but that's  it.  The opinions expressed in here are based on my love of the Mini & the hour or so of research I did to find out about solid state hard drives.  I have only had the Mini for 7 days & I reserve the right to change my mind, update or Read more [...]