Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha - 20 slides 20 seconds a piece on a single topic Rebecca Jones - I didn't get good notes, sorry :) Stephen Abram - trendspotting is television affecting our world, Kennedy vs Nixon debate, then Obama vs McCain, blinking youtube video of Palin saying she can see Russia from porch visual popular – twitter Olympics yahoo trumps NBC webkinz – when your stuffed animals have a social life online club penguin – Disney kids on social crack, soccer mom is average gamer geocaching portability mainly mobile focus – phone not laptops, we're old with our laptops in front of us David Lee Read more [...]

Twitter & how the “twittest” use it for keeping up

Michael Sauers and Christa Burns cant explain you have to to do it, and you have to do it with friends to get the experience post – tweet tweeting methods – web, desktop client, bookmarklets, via email, via sms, blog to twitter (twitterfeed) url past 140 character limit will usually convert to tiny url twitthis twitterfeed – run rss to twitter account twirl @username if replaying d username message – private message nudge username l: location informatin follow username leave username block username invite phonenumber #hashtag direct messages go to only you, other msgs are public, can Read more [...]

Crafting the user centered library – Cliff Landis

Crafting the user centered library Cliff Landis its not enough to shove your bad services into a new space, we know our opacs suck so why are we cramming them into myspace and facebook why do you use emerging technologies in your library, not just bc everyone else is, doing it for service and outreach, get away from creating things for user and look for things created by the user how do we approach new ideas planning – find out in the end of a lot of work whether is succeeds or fails committee approach – take an idea and kill it youtube video – association professionals thru the ages lets Read more [...]

Social media and networked technologies: research and insights

Social media and networked te3chnologies research and insights danah boyd – phd candidate at berkley social media in context, historical perspective web2.0 tech crowd sees it as a shift in deployment, perpetual beta, user generated content business crowd – hope, came after tech bubble crashed, rise of the social network sites – certain things are consistent across them does not say social networking – just social network bc what makes these sites unique is that they have to do with the public socialization of your actual social network profiles – physical world, dress up, do hair Read more [...]

Ubiquitous computing and library future

Ubiquitous computing and library future Michael Porter Libraryman Chris Peters – maintainit – small part of TechSoup, new cookbook coming out soon, definition a model of human computer interjection which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday object sand activities when computing and info access happen when and where we need it, enabled by unobtrusive technology Moores law rfid an example of ubiquitous computing that exists in libraries libraries = content + community android – google phone operating system there are already more cell phones in use than Read more [...]

Learning 2.0 and 1.8 users bridging the gap – Rudy Leon & Colleen Harris

Learning 2.0 and 1.8 users bridging the gap Rudy Leon & Colleen Harris Myths of nexgen users skilled online searchers ease with new gadgets always connected effective multi-taskers require constant simulation must be entertained learn by doing mythbusting they do use stuff but in a dummybox way, they don't understand the info they are getting or who it works we need to build a mental map for them they don't have transferable skills only 62% of ppl have pc in the home low income students have lower end machines in the classrom, they have share and they train them by Read more [...]

Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – Helene Blowers

Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – helene blowers how do you start making change happen? What is innovation? Not just putting saran wrap around someone else's idea innovation is - acting on, doing new things innovation is not about best practice, its about fresh practice application audience desired outcomes inspiration and inputs energy & passion how do you change org culture to allow innovation to happen? There is no set process 4 parts creativity - ideas strategy implementation profitability creativity: idea business focus on quantity not quality collect Read more [...]

Digital Marketing

Sarah Houghton Jan & Aaron Schmidt the presentation before this one aaron recommends what is outreach? - connecting users with librarians number one thing voters care about when voting for funding is libraries transforming lives what is online outreach - when were serving ppl online were serving everybody there are not blocks online, similar to online, we dont ask them to show a lib card at ref desk, so why do it online what are you marketing? Make your library website two way -can ppl register for a card? Share their opinion have an identity be good – if ppl are Read more [...]

Designing the digital experience – David Lee King

experiences are a unique tangible offering experience design – simply stated approach to creating successful experiences for ppl in any medium, american girl example in chicago, 3 different paths structure community and customer structure improve websites easy of use, when customers can focus on own goals rather than how to navigate your site website design - strategy – scope – structure – skeleton - surface 37 signals – getting real – free ebook simplify community path – focus on community rather than struction memorable experience in relation to online and community real Read more [...]