Day (Week) in the Life of a Library _____ Round 2 begins Monday!

That's right round two will kick off Monday January 26th. It looks like we have enough people interested to schedule round two. Its easy to play along, 1) just blog your day or week which ever you prefer. Add your information to the wiki and 2 ) be sure to tag your posts librarydayinthelife. The original idea was to give people and potential LIS students an idea of what the average day in the life of a Librarian or Library-fill-in-the-blank was like. I'm looking forward to seeing the new posts from new people and the difference between the previous round and this one.  Ready, set, go! Read more [...]

The Girl Effect

I'm showing this for two reasons, one it's a great example, two I believe in the message. Last month I wrote about using stories to market your library.  This is another great example of storytelling.  This one isn't about libraries, but it is for a good cause and every effective.  It doesn't use photos or a voice over, it uses typography to make its point. Learn more about the cause Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda Why Girls? Join the Facebook Group Learn more about the presentation: Kinetic typography used to present The Girl Effect Deconstructing Read more [...]

Libraries looking to save money? Consider telecommuting!

Talking about the blurred line between home and work when I was writing about Twitter started me thinking about telecommuting.  Writing about the recession and it affects on libraries got me thinking about telecommuting.  Let's talk about telecommuting, it seems to be something libraries have been slow to embrace.  Yes, I know the old standard that we sit at the reference desk all day and read books, but anyone actually working a library knows that's not true.  Many libraries are short on space and funding and much could be done from home, at least one day a week, so why aren't we looking more Read more [...]

Library Usage Will Go Up During a Recession – Management Are You Really Prepared?

I've seen many news articles and video lately about usage of libraries increasing during a recession. I've personally noticed my library seems busier.  While many have celebrated the increase of use and the public attention we so rightly deserve, we also need to consider the down side.  Our funding might be cut, the public is less likely to approve bonds or tax levies to increase services, in some cases staff may be laid off.  Libraries are masters of doing more with less and we are really going to need that skill now. The other side of recession is that is causes stress.  Patrons are likely Read more [...]

Do you Twitter at Work?

Last week Kate asked Do you hide Twitter from your boss? Or is it ok for you to be Twittering while working? Do you (honestly) think it hurts your performance? Not many people answered her on Twitter or FriendFeed, maybe it's because it was an odd week, between Christmas and New Years or maybe because they didn't want to answer, I don't know.  So I'm asking again - Do you Tweet at work? Do you hide it from your boss? Do you think it's ok to Twitter from work? Do you think it hurts your performance? I'll even answer them myself first. Yep! Nope, in fact I sometimes point him to particular Read more [...]

Library Day in the Life – Round Two?

Six months ago (almost to the day) I wrote the post that started the Library Day in the Life meme, which led to Lori Reed creating the wiki where people who participated signed up so we could share. Many of us actually post a weeks worth of days. There was some discussion of doing it again in six months, it was summer for the academics and for the rest of us things change so fast who know what six months forward would bring? It's been six months, is anyone up for round two?  When should we start? I'm leaning toward January 26th for me.  That's the next "normal" week I'll have. Missed is the Read more [...]

Back in the game

After taking a week off from week and all things library and we related it's hard to get back into the game so I'm just going to jump right in.   Here are some things that caught my eye as I've been playing catch up Stephanie Zimmerman sang the T is for Training theme song Karin Dalziel blogged her thoughts about librarians learning to program, Dorothea Salo responded to Karin, as did Meredith Farkas.  My two cents, I lean towards Karin's side. This article about woman gamers Joshua Neff's appearance on his local NPR station to talk about libraries It's time to register for Computers in Read more [...]

Looking back – the year in review

The year isn't even over and I'm already looking forward into 2009, as far forward as April!  I thought before I get too caught up in what's to come, I should take a look back at 2008.  This list is more for me than you, sometimes I get so busy I forget what I've been up to, so I'm picking one major event from each month to remind myself of all that has happened in 2008 January - Library Learning 2.1 kicked off February - cohosted a two day Web 2.0 workshop for the state library March - attended Kansas Library Camp April - Presented at a conference in England May - the laptops from Read more [...]