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I read Indexed every day, I think Jessica is brilliant, she can say so much with a graph on an index card.  I share a lot of them through Twitter.  This one I had to share on the blog too.


Presenting during the Age of Twitter

If you've been presenting for a while you know that Twitter has changed the audience. Presenting pre-Twitter - you saw a sea of faces looking at you Presenting during the age of Twiter - you see a sea of heads looking at laptops or smart phones It can be disconcerting if you're not used to it.  Pistachio has a great article on How to Present While People are Twittering covering topics such as Benefits of the back channel to the audience- As a presenter, the idea of presenting while people are talking about you is disconcerting. But to balance that, there are huge benefits to the individual Read more [...]

Facebook TOS follow up

In case you missed it Facebook reverted to its previous terms of service. But that shouldn't stop you or me from thinking about what happened and what it means. Some recommended reading Facebook Battle Ends in Major Victory for Users, But the War Continues a good look at what happened 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know just what it says, using Facebook? Go learn these What Libraries Can Learn from Facebook Peter Bromberg looks at the privacy issue from a libraries and librarian point-of-view. He makes some great points and  I agree with him Matters of Policy Steve Lawson Read more [...]

The Facebook Brouhaha – yeah you’re mad, but did you leave?

What I saw happen yesterday - a LOT of people blogging, twittering and linking to articles about Facebook's change to their Terms of Service. ( If you don't know about it see links at the bottom. I'm not writing about that, 50 bagillion other people already have.) What I didn't see happening - a mass exodus of friends from Facebook. I hear some people are removing content, but they aren't leaving (I'm sure someone will leave a comment pointing out people who have left) I even asked on Twitter this morning - did you delete your account? As of writing this no one has answered yes. What this Read more [...]

Stress Management in the Library Workplace

Yesterday I attended a MaintainIT webinar - Using MaintainIT Resources for Technology Training, where they shared some useful information and links.  One of the sites was Infopeople, a nonprofit that archives their presentations and handouts and makes them available under a Creative Commons license! As I was exploring I came across materials for a previous workshop - Stress Management in the Library Workplace.  There are a lot of workshops listed but since my post - Library usage will go up during a recession - management are you really prepared? is still getting a lot of hits, I thought I'd Read more [...]

David’s Digital Branch Stye Guide

David Lee King knows a lot about digital service, he's the Digital Branch Manager at the Topeka Shawnee Library (and an author and a speaker).  If you are interested in digital services and aren't already reading David's blog, add it to your feedreader right now, go on, I'll wait. This wee he shared his Digital Branch Style Guide and it's definitely worth passing around.  He covers General Guidelines for Blog Posts Citing/Attribution Featured Section Comments - What to do with them Creating a “Voice” How Can I Get a Conversation Started? I have a suggestion/problem. What do I do Read more [...]

You’ve got 30 minutes, how do you use them?

I've seen some interesting conversations pop up online lately about FriendFeed vs Twitter, if spending time on Friendfeed killed your blog, (or not) that feedreaders are dead. Here is the thing, most of us don't have that much time to spend online, networking, learning, creating content, whatever.  I remember Helene Blowers talking about taking 15 minutes each day to read blogs, to stay informed.  I gave myself 30.  There are only so many hours in the day, and so many of them are taken up with other things, so really it doesn't leave me much time to spend online (we can't all be Robert Scoble). Read more [...]